Aperitivi Aperitifs
Campari1-Soda4 cl7,00
Campari1-Orange4 cl7,50
Martini bianco or rosso5 cl6,00
Aperol-Spritz Aperol1 with Prosecco4 cl7,00
Ferrari Brut Trento DOC champagne proceed since 19020,10 l7,00
Ferrari Rose Trento DOC champagne proceed since 19020,10 l8,90
Champagner0,10 l11,00
Antipasti Appetizer
Carpaccio di manzo alla cipriani thin slices of raw beef fillet in lemon vinaigrette, with rocket salad and
grated Parmesan
Vitello tonnato sliced veal with capers and anchovies in a tuna ish cream12,90
Prosciutto di Parma con melone Parma ham with melon12,90
Antipasto misto della casa mixed appetizer plate in style of our restaurant Zuppe Soups14,90
Zuppe Soups
Crema di pomodoro tomato soup6,90
Minestrone della nonna vegetable soup7,50
Stracciatella alla romana bouillon with egg, parsley, olive oil and Parmesan7,50
Zuppa di cipolle homemade onion soup6,90
Insalate Salads
Insalata mista gemischter Salat6,90
Insalata di pomodori con tonno e cipolle tomato salad with tuna fish and onions8,90
Rucola con Parmigiano rocket salad with cherry tomatoes and grated Parmesan9,90
Insalata Pane e Vino mixed salad with ham, buffalo mozzarella, 12,90
shrimps and olives8 in a truffle flavor 
For our guests with food intolerances we offer special menus and beverage lists with a seperate concretely allergy identification marking. Please ask our crew. Thank you. 
Primi Piatti Noodle dishes
Lasagne pasticciate all’emiliana lasagne with meat sauce and bechamel sauce, au gratin with cheese
Ravioli della casa
Ravioli della casa dough bags stuffed with ricotta, spinach and sardinian ewe’s milk cheese
in a fresh butter-mint sauce
Casarecce alla Siciliana noodles with eggplant, courgettes,
air-dried tomatoes and ewe’s milk cheese in a tomato sauce
Linguine ai frutti di mare thin ribbon noodles with seafood and garlic in a cherry tomato sauce15,90
Riso Rice dishes
Risotto alla piemontese rice in a butter-Parmesan-cream11,90
Risotto ai porcini rice with ceps12,90
Risotto Baronia rice with 1 king prawn, saffron and Taleggio cheese15,90
Risotto alla scoglio rice with seafood, parsley and garlic15,90
Secondi di carne Meat dishes
Lombata alla gratella grilled sirloin steak on rocket salad,
conspersed with grated Parmesan
Scaloppine di vitello al vino bianco veal medallions in a white wine sauce22,90
Corona d’agnello con erbe aromatiche braised lamb crown with fresh herbs in a game sauce25,90
Filetto di manzo alla moda antica di Onifai beef fillet steak fried with pork cheek, with fresh herbs and air-dried tomatoes
on bread crust
All meat dishes come with rosemary potatoes or with a mixed salad  
Secondi di pesce Fish dishes
Seppiette alla gratella grilled small squids with tomatoes
and basil
Filetti di orata alla mediterranea Filetti di orata alla mediterranea
gilthead fillets with capers, olives8, cherry tomatoes and oregano in a tomato sauce
Grigliata mista di pesce mixed fishes grilled28,90
Gamberoni alla griglia grilled king prawns29,90
All fish dishes come with vegetables or with a mixed salad  
Each pizza comes with tomato sauce and mozzarella  
Pizza Margherita with basil8,50
Pizza Caprese with buffalo mozzarella10,50
Pizza salami with salami4,59,00
Pizza prosciutto with cooked ham4,58,00
Pizza prosciutto e funghi with cooked ham4,5 and fresh mushrooms9,50
Pizza diavolo with cesty salami4,5,   chillies and onions (hot)9,90
Pizza Napoli with capers, olives8 and anchovies9,50
Pizza vegetariana with fresh vegetables in season9,50
Pizza quattro stagioni  with cooked ham, salami4,5, fresh mushrooms and artichokes10,50
Pizza capricciosa with cesty salami4,5, fresh mushrooms and artichokes9,50
Pizza Parma with Parma ham, Parmesan and rocket salad11,50
Pizza rustica12,50
with Parma ham, truffle cream and rocket salad 
Pizza del dio Nettuno with seafood and garlic13,50
You can order further toppings (surcharge). 
Formaggio Cheese
Formaggio misto mixed cheese plate13,00
Dolci Desserts
Tiramisu della casa7,50
Panna cotta cream dessert with fruit sauce7,50
Tartufo al cioccolato truffle ice7,90
Savarin italian pastry with lemon liqueur1 and wood berries7,90
Cassata alla Siciliana Sicilian speciality with candied fruits7,90
Bevande calde Warm drinks
Latte Macchiatoglass4,00
Tee several sortscup2,50
Grappa di Gavi4 cl7,90
Grappa di Moscato4 cl7,90
Grappa di Chardonnay4 cl9,90
Grappa di Tignanello4 cl12,90
Prosecco & Champagne
Ferarri Brut Trento DOC champagne proceed since 1902btl. 0,75 l47,00
Ferarri Rosé Trento DOC champagne proceed since 1902btl. 0,75 l58,00
Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagner, brutbtl. 0,75 l68,00
Louis Roederer Cristal Champagner, brutbtl. 0,75 l175,00
Bevande fredde Softdrinks €
Coca Cola1,20,20 l2,60
Coke Light1,2,60,20 l2,60
Fanta1,50,20 l2,60
Sprite0,20 l2,60
Apple spritzer0,20 l2,60
Schweppes Tonic Water30,20 l2,90
Schweppes Bitter Lemon30,20 l2,90
Schweppes Ginger Ale1,70,20 l2,90
Orange juicebtl. 0,20 l2,90
Apple juicebtl. 0,20 l2,90
San Pellegrino italian mineral waterbtl. 0,75 l6,90
Acqua Panna still waterbtl. 0,75 l6,90
Birre Bier
Warsteiner Pils draught beer0,50 l5,90
Warsteiner nonalcoholicbtl. 0,33 l3,60
König Ludwig wheat beer crystal, yeast or yeast nonalcoholicbtl. 0,50 l5,90
Alcolici Spirits 
Beluga Noble Vodka4 cl8,00
Vecchia Romagna italian Brandy4 cl7,00
Rèmy Martin Cognac4 cl9,90
Chivas Regal1 Scotch 12 years old4 cl10,00
Liquori & Amari Liqueurs & Bitters
Amaretto Disaronno4 cl5,90
Sambuca Molinari4 cl5,90
Limoncello14 cl5,90
Ramazzotti4 cl5,90
Amaro Averna4 cl5,90
Fernet Branca4 cl5,90
Mirto Rosso14 cl5,90
Longdrinks each Longdrinks 0,20 l
Gin Tonic34 cl8,50
Wodka Bitter Lemon34 cl8,50
Bacardi Cola1,24 cl8,50
Whisky Cola1,24 cl9,50
1 with colouring agent · 2 caffeinated · 3 with antioxidant · 4 acidifying agent · 5 with preservative · 6 artificial sweetener · 7 phenylalanine · 8 quinine · 9 stabilizers 10 foamed up with Nitrous oxide · 11 taurin · 12 contains sulfite
All prices include tax. Tip is not included.